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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Quest for CHA Saga, Part 4

(If you're just tuning in to my Quest, scroll down to the bottom, click the links and read from the beginning.)
Hello from down South!  It's day 4 of stepping into uncharted territory.  I thought I would keep it short today and share 5 things you may not know about me but first........look at this sweet card my friend and design team member of Mountain Plains Crafters made for me.  She said I was her inspiration for following my dream.  Awwww!  Thanks Deb Davison!
So here goes:
1. I'm a late in life mom. Yup. It took 18 years for my son to get here.   Boy was that a surprise!  And there I thought I was just pre-menopausal.....

2. When I was in high school and college, I worked for the Anniston, AL Parks and Recreation department during the summers and hosted a local tv show about summer camp. That was fun!

3.  In college,  I majored in Broadcast Communications, but never finished.  I love to write and had ambitions of being a news reporter, but darn if this guy didn't come along and sweep me off my feet.  Love got in the way and I went down a different path.  Let that be a lesson to you youngsters.  Finish college!

4. I'm a singer and musician.  I've been playing the piano since 4th grade and when I was a teen,  I took voice lessons from Ms. Yolanda Thurman Hignight  (Hi, Lonnie!).   Besides having a full time job, I'm also a church pianist and sing.   A lot.   (Wonder if there will be karaoke at CHA....hmmm.) My mother wishes I would audition for American Idol.  I can't seem to get across to her that I'm waaaayyy past the age limit.

5. I'm originally from upstate New York in farming country. Cato, NY.   If you blink when you pass through, you'll miss it.  When I was 5 yrs old, and on my first day of school, I got off the school bus at the wrong school and got lost. So, crying, I left the school yard and start walking down the road back towards town. A kind lady, working in her yard, saw this young child alone and crying and took me in. I somehow conveyed who my grandmother was (she was on the school board) and she came and got me.   I shudder to think in this day and age what would happen to a wandering child now.
So there's your little snippet about me. Tomorrow, maybe I'll tell you about my crazy mother and her dream she's pursuing at the age of 72.
P.S. Deb's card she made? See the bingo card?  Does that mean I'm gonna hit the jackpot?  And the quest continues........
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