Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Phone That Just Won't Die or A Miracle on Motorola Street

Men.  They can be so stubborn.  And "thrifty".  Take for example my husband.  Do you see this phone?  According to the Hubs, it's been dropped repeatedly (20 times or more), fallen into water, been chewed on by the dog, and been pooped on by the cat (I kid you not.  Would I kid you?)

It is evident, by appearances, that it has truly lived a long and hard life.  Granted, it's only about 4 or 5 years old, but in phone years, that's what.... about 12 years?  My husband loves his flip phone.  He's tried others, but always goes back to "Old Red".

Most recently, we let our 13 year old borrow this phone to take on his first outing with the high school band.  We should have known better.  This is a kid who trips, drops and breaks everything.  
We were naive to think that Old Red would survive a night out with the boy.  We were wrong.

As the bus arrived back from the game, late that night, our boy slowly sauntered over with that "look" on his face.  If you have boys, you know that look; both eyebrows scrunched upwards, shoulders dropped, both hands in the pants pocket and that dragging gait that bespeaks, "God, please help me."

According to the boy, he tripped and the phone fell out of his pocket.  A few minutes later, the story was revised to admit running was involved prior to said tripping.  As the rest of the evening unfolded, more details emerged, confirming what we already knew.  The fault was ours - we knew better -  it was destined to happen.

We can't really blame the kid.  We knew the risk we were taking and we took it anyway.  
Based on the Hub's not-so-illustrious experience with gadgets and phones, is it any wonder where the boy gets it?

Let me sum it all up.  The phone still works.  Unbelievable, isn't it?  There's the problem with no screen, but hey, the Hubs is happy that he can still place a call and receive a call.  Sure, he can't flip the button to tell time, so he'll probably be late for every meeting, but boy howdy, the phone still works.  

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