Monday, July 28, 2014

Countdown to CHA, Day 2 ...Butterflies!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta......and I'm going!)

This is it.  The day before.  Butterflies are hitting hard so what better way to channel my energy than to get crafty and make, you guessed it,  butterflies.

The design team at Mountain Plains Crafters have all decided we should have a scrap swap amongst ourselves.  Any good crafter knows good and well that you save every little scrap.  Nothing goes to waste.  So I took some of my scraps and made butterflies with my Paper Smooches dies.  I especially love to make vintage or wordy butterflies.  I think the girls will love 'em.

With one day left, I piddled around with those apps some more and re-read all the instructions for photo ops and workshop supplies that I need to bring.  I spent some quality time at Starbucks yesterday on wifi, experimenting with the apps and my Kindle Fire HD.  Looks like I've got all my bases covered.  

I'm looking forward to Day 1; workshop day.  Right up my alley too.  What's that you say?  You want me to go to workshops and make stuff?  Crafty, awesome, super cool stuff with tools that look like dental instruments and hob nobbin' with Graphic 45, Sizzix and Spellbinders and Stephanie Barnard? Ok, can do, no need to twist my arm, particularly the left....kind of have a bum shoulder.

(Today, my Blogiversary giveaway goes live.  Be sure and enter here.  Ends 8/12/14.)

Blogiversary Giveaway! Let's Party!

A lot has happened in a year and just this week, I'm celebrating several milestones with Waving My Wand; 10,000 page views and 200 posts.  Plus my 1 year anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks, so it's time to give away a prize!

In the past year, not only have I grown as a crafter, but I joined a couple of cool chics and formed Mountain Plains Crafters, a fun place to hang out, enter challenges and win prizes.  If you told me a year ago that I would be the guest blogger at the Craft and Hobby Association's Inaugural Papercrafters trade show in Atlanta, (coming up July 29-31st) I'd say you were out of your mind.  To say this has been a great year, is putting it mildly.

I'm giving a prize pack of some of my favorite things:  Unity stamps, Prima enamel dots, My Minds Eye Flair 6 x 6 paper pad, American Craft ric rac ribbon and the newest issue of Papercraft and Scrapbook Magazine's Creative Spaces issue, jam packed with ways to inspire you in creating your crafty domain.  This prize pack retails for $40.00.

Click the Rafflecoptor link below to enter.  Contest ends 8/12/14.  Winner announced on 8/15/14.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Countdown to CHA, the WEEKEND edition!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta......and I'm going!)

Stress.  I hate it.  Although, I must say, I usually handle it pretty well.  It takes a lot for me to buckle under pressure and even then, I don't buckle.

The reason I mention it is that several things have happened, all at once.  Isn't that the way of it?  Everything in life comes in three's, it seems.  I'm juggling an unusually increased work load and trying to stay caught up in anticipation of my leave taking for CHA.  At the same time, my phone has suddenly decided to have spasms and is draining at about the same speed as my bathtub when the plug has been pulled.  And, for the icing on the cake, I have two required apps to learn which will assist my blogging prowess and photo capturing finesse, courtesy of the lovely people at CHA headquarters. 

Now before my buddy Jason up at CHA headquarters blows a gasket, he has been ever so gracious in assisting me every step of the way, including options to work around those lovely apps.  What he doesn't know, is this chic don't quit!  So I've been up late at night, creating drafts, trying to figure out the phone drain, looking up online fix it solutions.....and what have I learned?

1.  One of the apps wants to load every picture on my phone, all 800+ photos into it's little happy box.  The fix?  Turn off camera upload for now so it won't keep cycling in the background.
2.  The other app is telling me I don't have certain permissions.  Somebody, give me permission. 
3.  Remove the child's silly games and any other unnecessary programs running in the background.  Done.  Phone is already back to its normal, productive self.  Hallelujah!

With all this unexpected stress, you should know that I did have a minor meltdown that was extremely cathartic.  Now I can go back to business as usual.  

On the up side, I've got excited vendors contacting me to tell me what booth they'll be at and a stunning compliment from the hubs who has been apparently reading my blog in full, each and every day.  He said, and  I quote, (because I had to ask him to repeat himself out of stunned disbelief) that I impressed him with my literary expertise and the ability to get my point across and, at the same time, surround it with my witty humor, both captivating and informative. 

Well alrighty then.  I'll take that compliment. With a side of chocolate, please.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mountain Plains Crafters Christmas in July Blog Hop

Welcome to our Christmas in July blog hop with Mountain Plains Crafters!  So, excited that you could join us.  This is a 2 day hop so there's time to share with your friends.

If you arrived from Pam's blog, you are in the right place.  Please take a moment to thank our sponsor and go like the Clearsnap Facebook page.  Tell them Mountain Plains Crafters sent you!  Also, thanks to Hydrangea Hippo for sending us the products to test and giveaway!  @Clearsnap #Clearsnap

We are giving away an awesome prize bundle from Clearsnap:  Smooch in Spruce, Smooch Spritz in Cashmere and Colorbox archival ink in Saddle.

Leave a comment below and then hop on over to Sheryl's Creative Corner for the next stop. If you get lost, here's the other links:

P.S.  Bookmark my blog 'cause starting Monday 7/28/14, I'm having a Blogiversary Giveaway.  Don't miss it!

For my project, I masked my card with a center squared piece of cardstock and sprayed Smooch Spritz all around.  This stuff shimmers and shines! 

Next, I inked up this sweet bird (and sentiment) from the Unity Stamp Co. October 2013 Kit of the month, with the Colorbox Saddle ink.  I am in love with this ink!  It stamps so clean and crisp and is so full of color.  I think this will be my new go-to ink for vintage projects and Woodgrain or nature stamps.  Lastly, I heat embossed a mistletoe stamped image with white Ranger embossing powder, then painted on the Spruce Smooch and fussy cut after it was dry.  I also painted over a few white Basic Grey enamel dots with the Spruce.

The brown bubbles on the card and mistletoe are from Queen & Co.  Adorable, right?
*Note: the enamel dots were still a little wet the next morning, so I'd allow at least 24 hours to dry.

Supplies: Queen & Co brown bubbles, Basic Grey candy buttons, Unity Stamp Co. October 2013 Kit of the Month, Clearnap Smooch in Spruce, Clearsnap Smooch Spritz in Cashmere, Clearsnap Colorbox Archival Ink in Saddle, Ranger white embossing powder, Versamark clear ink, heat tool, embossing buddy

Countdown to CHA, Day 5.....Distractions

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta......and I'm going!)

I'm having one of those days.  You know, the day that never ends?  It started with a cup of french press coffee brewed at home.  By the 10 o'clock hour, I was begging my co-worker for a cup from her Keurig.  I rarely beg. 
I'm usually able to check my personal e-mail a couple times throughout the day but today was so busy, I didn't check it until 7:30 pm.  Wouldn't you know, there was an expected e-mail from CHA that needed addressing.  Trying to do anything at 7:30 in the evening, with a 12 year old male wannabe comic, is nigh to impossible. 
The boy is currently going through his Adam Sandler/Jim Carrey/Chris Farley routine.  I told him he needed some new material and he quickly pulled off a spot on impression straight out of Ace Ventura Pet Detective that would have done Jim Carrey proud.  He's obsessed with comic impressionists, Jim Meskimen and Frank Caliendo, watching their You tube videos and copying their sketches.  This boy, who once wanted to be a chemist, then a wrestler or NBA basketball player is now instead honing his comic skills.  Seriously?  He's working on DeNiro, Pacino, and just gave me a dose of Gilbert Godfreid.  Unbelievable.  Recently, he made me put one of his impressions on You tube.  I had to do the wording EXACTLY like he said.  Title?  "Kid does Adam Sandler".  The description?  "This kid is amazing!"  I am not kidding.
So, not much happening today on the quest.  I did peek at some tweets and download a required app at the request of CHA a.k.a Jason (hi Jason!) that I'll be utilizing at the show.  And I looked around at said app to get comfy with it.  Meanwhile, Last Comic Standing is on tv and the boy is mesmerized. 
Oh and that Ace Ventura impression I mentioned?  He fixed his hair to match.  I'm thinking another video will soon be in the making.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Countdown to CHA, Day 6.....what to wear??

Yes, I already know what to wear.  Sort of.  A friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if I'd given any thought to it.  Do men get asked these same questions?  "Hey, Bill, whatcha wearin' to the trade show?"  Somehow, I think not.  According to what I read at the Craft and Hobby Association's illustrious website, it's business casual for the trade show.

Do you know how long it's been since I've bought new clothes?   Let's see, the number one hit was Barry Manilow's "Mandy" and gas was what, $1.09 a gallon?  Ok, so it hasn't really been that long, but it has been awhile. I actually do have a couple go-to outfits for business conferences, but to hear my mother tell it, she thinks I can't dress myself. Yes, you heard it here folks; my 72 year old mother is trying to give me fashion advice.

I'll admit, I'm not real happy with my mother trying to tell me what to wear.  I'm a big girl now and I've been dressing myself for a long time.  However, you do need to know that my mother matches everything.  EVERYTHING!  The purple outfit has to match with the purple shoes and oh, wait, let me go switch to my matching handbag....but which one?  The purple patterned bag or the solid?  Then, there's the jewelry.  "Wait, we can't leave the house until I find my purple watch!"  Are you still with me?

Listen, I'm a simple girl with simple taste and I don't have a bank account that allows for mix and match handbags, shoes and watches.  So thank you very much mother for your heartfelt concern, but if I hear one more word from you......that's right; Santa won't be visiting your house this year.  Plus, I don't think you want me airing anymore dirty laundry.  Oh, I remember where that sequined shirt is......

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deer Birthday card

Why is it that I'm always in a hurry these days?  The great thing about stamping is, you can go as simple or as elaborate as you want.  I could have spent some quality time with distress markers (actually, I did use some on the heart....) or stamping on patterned paper and fussy cutting these images, but sometimes, simple is just right.
When it's late at night and you remember that it's the hubs birthday?  Yup.  You go simple; a sweet card for my son to give his dad.  I used my new Queen & Co washi tape and bubbles that I purchased from the Scrapbook Expo last week.  Not too girly, and I think all the brown gives it just the right touch for a guy, especially with that natural twine from May Arts Ribbon.  Those stamps?  From one of my favorite stamp companies of course, Unity Stamp Co!  Happy Birthday Dad!  **Scroll to the bottom for giveaway details***
Supplies: Queen & Co. polka dot washi tape and brown bubbles, Colorbox Saddle ink, Unity Stamp Co Deer to Me kit, May Arts Ribbon natural twine, Tim Holtz distress markers, white gel pen
I'm just about to reach a milestone on my blog and will be having a giveaway any day now...also, we are having a Christmas in July Blog Hop on Friday and Saturday, July 25-26th.  Check in with my other crafty blog, Mountain Plains Crafters and hop along for a nice prize!  All you have to do is comment at each blog.  Some of the girls will be offering additional prizes as well.  Fun!

Countdown to CHA, Day 7...Randomness

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta......and I'm going!)

I'm trying to stay ahead of the game with knowledge.  Today, I took a look at the vendor list and decided to pick a random company that I wasn't familiar with.  So, I reverted to a child-like state and played a little game we all know and love; eenie meenie miney moe.  Moe landed smack dab on Creativebug.  I've never heard of this company and the title alone gave me no clue as to what it represented other than creativeness of some form.

I found the website and it was evident that I was way off base with my imaginings.  Actually, this would be the hot spot for learning.  They offer video workshops for a small fee, and two different plan options.  Whether you want to learn knitting, sewing, painting, etc.  Once you purchase a class, it's yours forever.  It stays in your file to view again and again, should you need to go back and review a tip or technique.  Pretty cool, huh?  I took a look at the staff and their job descriptions also. They look pretty smart to me, with the exception of the Power Ranger....(just kidding).

 A few topics caught my eye; stamping and mixed media, both offering interesting tutorials such as how to carve rubber stamps or paint a silhouette.  I took a peek at Glue 101 under the mixed media section.  It was an almost 20 minute chapter that you can view for free.  I've got to say, it was very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you're not a crafter, a.k.a my sister, and you're reading this, then you can stop rolling your eyes.  The rest of you know exactly what I mean.  Kind of glad I went all random today. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Countdown to CHA, Day 8...Glorious paper

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta...and yes. I'm going!)

Here we are with 8 days left until the big show.  I'm continuing to get feedback from sponsors who've responded to my tweets and Facebook posts.   My biggest concern?  Getting to the event on time! 

I know how bad Atlanta traffic is so I'm driving in the night before to spend the night at my cousin's house (hi, Tracy!), who lives 30 minutes or so from downtown ATL, all to cut my drive time Tuesday morning.  I'm hoping if I leave Marietta at 6:30 am, I'll arrive in an hour at the latest, and have 30 minutes to find where I need to be and get ready for the 8:00 workshop.  Whew!  Crunch time! 

No extra funds in my budget for a hotel room so you work with what you've got, right? 

Back to the show.  One of the workshops I'll be attending is sponsored by the ever fabulous Graphic 45.  If you love paper, especially vintage style, then you know who G45 is.  Oh my goodness, I adore and drool over ev-er-y thing they make!   Here's an Easter card I made awhile back with the Sweet Sentiments paper.   

One of the tools I need to bring to that workshop is a crop-a-dile.  As my husband succinctly put it, "that thing looks like a tooth extractor!"  Do I own one of these tooth extractors?  No, I do not.  So, I put out an all-call on Facebook and before the day was through, I had several crafty friends come to the rescue.  I drove over to my friend Deb's house to pick up one rather large dental instrument and got to meet sweet Gracie.  Isn't she adorable? 

Deb gave me a quick lesson on the features and use of this pretty awesome tool and I gained a new respect for one of We R Memory Keepers most popular products.  Deb, you are a lifesaver AND the master of heat embossing.  Hey, she taught me everything I know.
Keep checking in and travel with me on this extraordinary journey into the inner workings of what goes on at the Craft and Hobby Association trade shows.  It all starts July 29, 2014.  And I'll be there.    (Ok, that sounds so "Walter Cronkite")

** Check out my blog daily I'm about to celebrate some major milestones; 200 posts, 10,000 pageviews and coming up in August, my 1 year Blog-iversary!  I'll be having a giveaway any day now...and while you're at it...go visit my other blog, Mountain Plains Crafters.  We're having a Christmas in July blog hop on Friday, July 25th that you don't want to miss with a bundle prize from Clearsnap.  Can we say Smooch? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Countdown to CHA ATL 2014, Day 9

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta...and yes. I'm going!)

Saturday, I attended the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, GA.  My scrappy friend Nancy asked me to go and I had to think long and hard about it.  NOT! 

This was the perfect opportunity to do a little networking.  I knew Spellbinders was going to be there and so was Richard Garay, who I'd been tweeting with recently.  I stalked that booth like a Mountain lion ready to pounce it's prey, until the ever fabulous Mr. Garay made an appearance.  When I finally spotted him,  I parted the crowd, shoving old ladies and their tennis ball enhanced walkers out of my way, running in slo-mo with my bags flapping in the wind. 

The less dramatic version??  Ok, ok, yes, I did perform a bit of Crafter-azzi, with minor lurking, but no old ladies were harmed during the impending meeting with Mr. Garay.  A short but professional conversation ensued with parting comments about the upcoming CHA show.

Guess who else I met?  Wendy, the illustrious owner of Queen and Company!!  Many months ago, while searching for sponsors for Mountain Plains Crafters, I had emailed Queen & Co a couple of times, but never got a response.  I am well aware that there are only so many crafty blogs you can donate to or sponsor, so I left it alone.  While chatting up a gentleman working that booth, I thought I'd make a final inquiry and stab at sponsorship, when this sweet lady turns around and hands me a piece of paper with her email written down.  It was Wendy!  I knew she looked familiar.  Good grief, I've been to their company website so many times, follow them on Facebook, have posted my own projects to their site....but never expected to see Wendy herself.  Can I say she was lovely, sweet and funny with this Crafter-azzi?  I love her!  My design team went nuts when I told them.  Of course, I stocked up on bubbles and polka dot washi tape.  I seriously wanted to scream to all the shoppers nearby, "hel-lo people!! Do you know who this is??!!" 

Me and Wendy 

Me and Jenny

Another crafty guru that was there?  Jenny Bowlin!  Wow, I never expected to meet so many crafting designers that I love, follow and adore.  I got to meet her super sweet family too.  They are precious folks.   While making my puchase, the power in the entire building went out.  Complete and utter darkness fell. You could hear nervous giggling, oohs and ahs from every direction.  What to do?  Whip out the cell and turn on the  flashlight app so Mr. Bowlin can complete my purchase.  Yeah......we bonded.

 Being at the Expo was the perfect time to practice my reporting skills on a few store owners, and they were gracious enough to consent.  I learned a lot about the economy and the blow that small store owners have taken;  the merging of companies, the lack of supply in some products...and so on.  A busy, fun-filled, interesting day.

One final shoutout to my sweet niece who whipped out matching t-shirts and a tote bag for me and my friend to advertise my blog.  They definitely garnered a lot of interest.  Thanks Anna at Little Mann's!                                                         

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quest for CHA, Part 10.

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta!)

By the time I arrive at the Craft and Hobby Association's Inaugural Papercrafting Trade show (gosh, I really like how that rolls off my tongue), it will have been almost a month since my quest began.

You may not know this, but I was working angles, planning strategies and trying to  pull strings before this quest went public.  I'm still amazed how quickly everything fell into place. 

I've got about four different things I'm juggling at the moment, not including family.  Actually, I probably need to revise that number because I know it's more than four, but I dare not take the time to calculate the true number, hence becoming overwhelmed at the sheer number of tasks placed before me, which would then lead to me crawling into a dark corner somewhere, curling up into the fetal position and begin sucking my thumb!  Seriously?  It's not that bad.  Plus, I'm a really good juggler; just don't throw extra plates or balls at me.

Today I'm continuing to connect with CHA vendors.  I've looked at follow-up responses to my tweets and now I'm trying to familiarize myself with products.  Many of the vendors I know well (their products).  I know what kind of products they market, signature styles and lines,  who's vintage and who's not.  There are however, quite a few companies I'm NOT familiar with.  I'm enjoying spending time going to their websites and being introduced to new products.  I'm also discovering that there's a lot of emphasis on Christmas in July!  Wow, I never realized how much.  Hey, that's not a bad thing either.  I saw somewhere recently that Christmas is something like 23 weeks away?  Say it ain't so!  According to my CHA schedule, the holidays are a big emphasis at this event.  It's all about new products coming out and marketing strategies for Christmas...well not ALL, but I gather from my research that there will be a whole host of holiday unvealings.  Yours truly gets to be right smack in the middle of all that.  Yeah!  Don't think this is all being handed to me on a silver platter though.  I put some hard work into it, let me tell you.   It's not going to be a big party for me.  I'll be working my tush off, making sure I keep up my end of the bargain.  At the same time it WILL be fun!  Every day I do a little happy dance.  Kind of like Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty.  You need to see that movie, if only for the happy dance.  And the outtakes.  Oh my, the outtakes are hilarious!!  The hammer and the thumb??  You remember, right?! 

The Quest might take a break for the weekend and come back full throttle Monday with a weekend update.  I'm we need to change the story from quest to countdown?  Tell me what you think?  Have a great weekend and dream a little dream.  Then go make it happen!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quest for CHA, Part 9....Tweetin' at the midnight hour!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta...and yes.  I'm going!)

I've got 11 more days before the big event.  Just 11.  Eeeeek!  I've been tweeting like a mad man, up til midnight last night, and leaving Facebook posts on vendor pages.  I think I've made contact with all but a few who I couldn't find on social media;  just leaving a one-liner, telling them who I am and that I'm looking forward to meeting them.  Anna Griffin said she can't wait to meet me.  And so did Sizzix.  My life is now complete. 
Who am I kidding?!  We all know,  Anna Griffin has better things to do with her time.  Like drawing up fabulous new paper designs and fabulous new embossing folders in which to place said fabulous new papers.......all of which I can't wait to get a peek of.  New goodies!
Earlier, I was having a quick chat with my design team from Mountain Plains Crafters and we had a furious selfie exchange as I am attending CHA and they are not.  Sarcastic jabs with matching photos were going back and forth in our chat room.  The final entry was this heart photo from me, and a caption that I wish I could take them with me. 
These are wonderful, caring, giving women from the age of 28 to 50 something (I dare not reveal THAT number).  Most are working full time jobs, then come home to their families and complete the endless list of tasks at hand, and like me, saunter off to their crafty domain to spend more hours doing what they love and giving of their talents not only to MPC, but to other crafty blogs and companies as well.  So let me give a shout out to my two co-founders of MPC, Pam Stang, Sheryl Kemper and our fabulous design team:  MariLyn DeGroot, Jennifer Loftfield, Christina Ramon, Paula McClane and Deb Davison.  You guys ARE the best! 
P.S.  Look out, 'cause I might have a trick or two up my sleeve at CHA!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Quest for Cha, Part 8....Welcome to Oz!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta)

Today, boys and girls, I have in my hot little hands, the vendor list for CHA.  I also have the floor plans.  According to this map, I will either be sandwiched inbetween Anna Griffin and Petaloo International....or by the exit door.  Me thinks it will most likely be the exit door, ha ha.  I really don't care where they park me.  I liken this chapter of my life to Dorothy being plucked right out of Kansas, to a whirlwind ride landing her smack in the middle of Oz.  Munchkinland.  Emerald City. 

Another thing you don't know about me; I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan.  I've got the dolls, the trinket toys, the Special Anniversary DVD collection (75th to be exact).  Even my baby shower was Oz themed with my little niece and nephews dressed as Dorothy and the Lollipop Guild.  A friend even made blue/plaid curtains for my son's nursery.  Ok, maybe that was taking it a bit far....but I did love the curtains!!


For my birthday one year or maybe it was Christmas, my darling sister Judi (who is always trying to one-up me on gift giving) traveled two and a half hours to Atlanta to meet actor Mickey Carroll who was on an Oz tour  (he played the munchkin town crier and fiddler).  She had him autograph this huge poster for me, dedicating it to me and my son, then had it framed.  Yup, she held the title, "Reigning Queen of Gift Giving",  for a long time after that.  I took the crown back a few years later though.

So back to CHA.  Because that's what it's really all about.  Sure this is my Quest, but I'm sharing it with a wonderful organization that decided to take a chance on me and swim in uncharted waters too.   I hope this will be a wonderful experience for both of us.  Looking at my calendar, I've got just 12 days to finalize my plans.  I've been doing the research, visiting sponsor blogs, familiarizing myself with some of the vendor attendees, realizing that "oh, I've been following her for years" or "I know that name!"  It's definitely a fun process, doing all this prep work.  I wouldn't even call it work!  I've already discovered via research that yes...I DO need that Stamper's Secret Weapon Pad!  Check out the video here 'cause you're going to want one too:  Sizzix and Stephanie Barnard Stamper's Secret Weapon.

I hope you'll continue to check in every day on my journey.  Do me a favor will you?  Would you share this with your friends on Facebook?  Ask them to view my blog post?  I'm about to reach a milestone with my blog and when I do, I'm having a giveaway!  Somebody is going to win a prize.  It might be you!  Until then.....see you in Oz!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Manly birthday card

Sunday was my dads birthday.  It was late Saturday when I remembered.  Did I have an appropriate card in my stash?  Unfortunately for me, that was a big N-O. 
Tired as I was, I decided to whip something up with paper and stickers.  I'll be the first to tell you, I am NOT a sticker snob.  I know as we grow and develop as crafters and move on to other, more advanced techniques, sometimes we leave behind our first loves; stickers.
I've got quite the stash.  In fact, the accordion binder that holds my stickers is literally bursting at the seams.  Even now, if I see a cute set or set of words I like, I'll grab it.  Especially if it's on clearance! 
This card took me 2 minutes to make.  Yes, 2 minutes.  I used a Grandfather set from Me and My Big Ideas that had a brown crushed velvet type material and paired it with some scrap designer paper.  I had previously made that twine bow (May Arts Ribbon) and it was perfect for this card. 

And Pop was all a grin when my child gave it to him.
Lesson here?  Don't be a sticker snob.  They might just save the day. 
Visit our challenge blog where  currently you can upload your beach or nautical themed card for a chance to win a prize from one of our sponsors.  Hurry, ends 7/18/14!  Follow this link:
Please visit May Arts to see all the lovely colors of  2mm bakers twine, including the kraft color above.  They have a HUGE selection of twine and ribbon choices.   Love this stuff! 

The Quest for CHA, Part 7

(To view the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta)
If you are reading about this quest for the first time, yesterday I got word from CHA that they want me to be a guest blogger.  I think it's kind of cool that this is an inaugural event, not only the fact that its papercrafter oriented but that it's also the first time to have a guest blogger.  I'm not sure if they've had guest bloggers before that were industry people, but for sure, never someone like you and me; end users of the products.  So it's a duo-inaugural event! 
Yesterday, as you can imagine, I was pretty jacked up on adrenaline and coffee.  By late evening, I had so many thoughts going through my mind that I called my mom and chewed her ear for almost an hour and a half.   By 11:20 pm, she pointed out the fact that I had chewed her ear for almost an hour and a half and promptly went to bed.
So, here's a few of the rambling thoughts that set up residence in my head:
  • Have I bitten off more than I can chew? 
When I visualize the task ahead it does seem a daunting task indeed.  This is a first for CHA, but it's also a first for me.  There's a lot of what ifs but regardless of the occasional niggling doubt, deep down, I am up for the challenge and ready to go!
  • Which Terri do they want?  Professional Terri or Jim Carrey on estrogen?                       

How about a nice mix? Even though, I do lean more towards Jim Carrey as my friends and family will attest.....(Seriously? He stole a lot of my material!)  I've got to be me, right? I will do my best to keep it in check. 

Any advice for me? I would love it if you share your advice and maybe even some questions you'd like answered. Is there something you would like me to ask some of these wonderful companies or anything specific you want to know? Comment here if you do.
Now for a shameless plug: we're having a challenge giveaway at Mountain Plains Crafters this week. Come and link up for a chance at a prize! Submit your beach/ nautical themed project. Hurry, ends 7/18/14.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Quest for CHA, PART 6...or is it 7? Who cares?! I'm in!

(If you're just tuning in, this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby Association's Inaugural Papercrafting event in Atlanta.  Click the header on my blog to view previous posts.)

As you can see from my before and after shots, I've been somewhat on pins and needles waiting on CHA to call.  And, as you can see from the after photo.... same face but different reaction!  You will not believe it.  Seriously, you will not.  I still can't believe it. 

So here's the dealio: they want me to be a guest blogger! I told you, you wouldn't believe it. If I can recall the conversation correctly (because we all know in my head, there's a mini freakout going on during this conversation) they want me to pretty much blog and chronical the entire event, not only on my blog but on their site as well. Also, I'll be doing photography and possibly sitting in on some workshops too. I'll even have a station set up so I can recharge (my head and my phone).

So, for all intense purposes, they want me to give the perspective of a crafters viewpoint. At least I think that's what they said?? I think they also said this is the first time they've done anything like this so they'll still be working out details over the next two weeks. Whew, kind of a blur although I was taking notes as we spoke and worried because I was on speakerphone and might miss something. By the way, it has been my experience, if you're on the listening end of a speakerphone, hold your phone out a little and you can hear better. Try it, I'm not kidding. I would NOT kid you!

Before they called, I had written down some things that I wanted to do at CHA and everything lined up exactly with what they were saying. Amazing!

Shall I share my short list with you? The question I wrote is, "What do I want to blog about at CHA?"
  • The people I meet - I definately want to talk about who I'm meeting; people behind the scenes, in the booths, sponsors of Mountain Plains Crafters, the guy who brings me coffee....(just kidding. Ok, not really. Somebody, get me coffee! With cream AND sugar!)
  • Cool new products - This is THE place to see all the latest and greatest. You bet, I want to hear about it and share with my crafty friends and followers.
  • Techniques - I hope to goodness I learn something new. It's so easy to get stuck doing the same old thing. You can look at You Tube videos and online blog techniques but there's nothing like someone personally showing you new tricks. It sinks in a little better don't you think?
  • Atmosphere - Sure, I might be a little starstruck at first. I'm so looking forward to just the atmosphere and being surrounded by the smell of paper!! Crafty paper! It's going to be 3 days of new experiences for me and I know the atmosphere is going to be electric. You will hear about it.
  • Expectations of Sponsors - I want to know what do sponsors want from the crafters they sponsor. What are their expections? How can we grow our blog and draw in more participants? How can we promote better? I want to hear advice from sponsors.
So there's my short list. I can't wait to see how everything falls into place. Before the conversation ended, I asked if anything stupid came out of my mouth and they said no. Hallelujah! Actually, I think they were just be kind. Haha! Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this Quest.    I know some of you have been praying and I truly appreciate it!!   I'll be keeping you posted.....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quest for CHA, Part 5

(To catch up on the saga, scroll to the bottom and read Parts 1-4 of my quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association in Atlanta)

The quest took a break yesterday.  I was busy pretty much almost all day.  In between scouring tubs and doing laundry, I was on my phone networking; plugging Mountain Plains Crafters, chatting with the design team and working on posts for the blog and my personal site.  Crafting never sleeps!  Oh, and there's the boy who demands my attention too.  And the hubs.  He pretty much begged me to cook a good southern meal last night, so I obliged; country fried chicken tenderloins with homemade gravy (is there any other kind?), mashed potatoes (no instant here) and some steamed asparagus so I could at least have one healthy item in the mix. 

I said in my previous post that I would tell you about my Mother's dream at the age of 72.  Or maybe she's 73.  I can never remember.  She has it in her mind that some television network is going to do a reality show about her and her neighbor Carol, and their kooky adventures and call it "Gossip with Grandmas". 
Mom has been writing stories about our family for as long as I can remember, most with a comedic twist.  Yes, I was raised crazy and continue to live crazy.  I definitely have my mom's sense of humor. 

So mom contacted our friend awhile back, who works at A&E in New York (hi Margie!) to find out what she needs to do to get the ball rolling.  Yes, folks, she did.  And Margie told her she needs to come up with a "treatment".  Now my mother has been working on that treatment for a good 6 months or more.  I've prepared her for the fact that, they may reject her scipt.  So what's she going to do if it's rejected?  Submit it to the next network on her list.  Yup.  Mom's got a stubborn streak.  Guess what else?  She also wants to get one or both of her books published.  I'll admit that a part of me thinks my mom is a bit delusional.  But who am I to crush her dreams?  Anything is possible, right?  Getting into CHA might just be the first step towards a new crafty, direction.  I'll admit, another unspoken goal is to one day be designing crafty products.  There.  I've gone and said it out loud again.

Let me wrap this up by saying, CHA is calling me tomorrow.  Am I a nervous wreck?  Kind of, but not overly so.  Might something stupid come out of my mouth? Probably.  Haha.  Actually, I think I'm just nervous about the unknown; what they'll ask, what their ideas are, if something stupid will come out of my mouth.........

So as the song goes, say a little prayer for me.  And sing along with the bridal party from "My Best Friends Wedding" while you're at it (pictured).  #grin

Saturday, July 12, 2014

You are Wonderful

I created this to be a thank you card to EVERYONE!  Seriously, I'm getting a lot of support and love from people in my life lately, online and off, so I just wanted to express my appreciation.  You are wonderful and a bit fabulous too. Of course, I can't just leave it at that, right?  Oh no.  A good crafter shares their showcased products and a little tutorial.  

So here goes:

You can see in the photos below some of the products I used, several of which are lovely sponsors of Mountain Plains Crafters; Unity Stamp Co, Graphic 45Clearsnap, and Xyron.  I've also got a couple new products I tested for the first time, the Pretty Pink Posh sequins and the butterfly dies from Paper Smooches.

The first thing I did was cut 6 mini butterflies with the die and my Cuttlebug.  This is the perfect time to use up scraps.  Do you save your scraps?  You should!!  I had a scrap piece I saved from my Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments pad and ran it and some of the butterflies through my Cuttlebug again; this time in a flourish embossing folder.  For the G45 paper, I sanded the raised surface for a fun, worn look.  I also cut a strip of black cardstock and trimmed it to be the shadow for my box of butterflies.  To make these little bugs easier to handle, I ran a few through my Xyron sticker maker.  The rest I plan to raise with foam dots.

Next, I painted my butterflies with Clearsnap Smooch Glitz Frost glitter polish for some sparkle and shine and quickly dried with a heat tool.  I glued sequins to the butterflies with a drop of glitter glue.  The tool you see in the photo is from the Cricut tool kit.  I use it all the time for delicate work in keeping my fingers away from messing up glueing, painting, and also to hold my item down while heat drying. 

While working with the sentiment, I did a boo boo.  I used distress markers and tried to watercolor the word "wonderful", but I was NOT happy with how it turned out.  Solution?  Cover it up!  So I restamped on a piece of cardstock, colored and trimmed, and placed it over my boo boo, raising again with foam dots.  Crisis averted and we are done!  I hope you learned a new tip or trick today.  If you did, share your thoughts in the comment section.  

and featuring the Butterflies Wise dies

Supplies:  Unity Stamp Co sentiment, Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments paper, Smooch Glitz Frost glitter polish, Stickles yellow glitter glue, Xyron 2.5" sticker maker, Paper Smooches dies,  Pretty Pink Posh sequins, The Paper Studio black cardstock, Teresa Collins Xyron adhesive mega runner, TPC Studio lilac ink, Tim Holtz distress markers in squezzed lemonade and seedless preserves, Sharpie light pink paint glitter pen,  Tim Holtz sand paper

Friday, July 11, 2014

Watercolor Palm tree

I created this card for a challenge over at Mountain Plains Crafters but wanted to feature it here in more detail on my blog.

It's all free-hand except for the sentiment which is from the Unity Stamp Co kit called Bunches of Love, one of my favorite kits designed by the fabulous Lisa Arana!

I drew my tree with distress markers, then  watercolored, also using Twinkling H20's shimmering Summer Fun colors paint.  The paper on the side is a cork board design by Karen Foster Designs and enhanced with burlap trim.  I love how summery and colorful this is.

Go check out all the other nautical/beach inspiration at the MPC link above and link up to our challenge.  There's a prize up for grabs!

The Quest for CHA Saga, Part 4

(If you're just tuning in to my Quest, scroll down to the bottom, click the links and read from the beginning.)
Hello from down South!  It's day 4 of stepping into uncharted territory.  I thought I would keep it short today and share 5 things you may not know about me but first........look at this sweet card my friend and design team member of Mountain Plains Crafters made for me.  She said I was her inspiration for following my dream.  Awwww!  Thanks Deb Davison!
So here goes:
1. I'm a late in life mom. Yup. It took 18 years for my son to get here.   Boy was that a surprise!  And there I thought I was just pre-menopausal.....

2. When I was in high school and college, I worked for the Anniston, AL Parks and Recreation department during the summers and hosted a local tv show about summer camp. That was fun!

3.  In college,  I majored in Broadcast Communications, but never finished.  I love to write and had ambitions of being a news reporter, but darn if this guy didn't come along and sweep me off my feet.  Love got in the way and I went down a different path.  Let that be a lesson to you youngsters.  Finish college!

4. I'm a singer and musician.  I've been playing the piano since 4th grade and when I was a teen,  I took voice lessons from Ms. Yolanda Thurman Hignight  (Hi, Lonnie!).   Besides having a full time job, I'm also a church pianist and sing.   A lot.   (Wonder if there will be karaoke at CHA....hmmm.) My mother wishes I would audition for American Idol.  I can't seem to get across to her that I'm waaaayyy past the age limit.

5. I'm originally from upstate New York in farming country. Cato, NY.   If you blink when you pass through, you'll miss it.  When I was 5 yrs old, and on my first day of school, I got off the school bus at the wrong school and got lost. So, crying, I left the school yard and start walking down the road back towards town. A kind lady, working in her yard, saw this young child alone and crying and took me in. I somehow conveyed who my grandmother was (she was on the school board) and she came and got me.   I shudder to think in this day and age what would happen to a wandering child now.
So there's your little snippet about me. Tomorrow, maybe I'll tell you about my crazy mother and her dream she's pursuing at the age of 72.
P.S. Deb's card she made? See the bingo card?  Does that mean I'm gonna hit the jackpot?  And the quest continues........
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Quest for CHA Saga

You know this quest of mine is morphing into what, I'm not quite sure.  Much like the Twilight saga, this whole Quest thing feels like an ongoing story, minus the good looking vampire and wolves!  Let me share a few thoughts that are running rampant in my head:
Why am I doing this?  What do I expect to gain from this experience?

Well, even if I don't make it to CHA, the entire process has been extremely interesting, stimulating and at times, mind blowing.  I'm literally floored by the support from friends, family, online followers, private name it.  I've always been very goal oriented.  I've been working since the age of 15 and have a strong work ethic.  In the back of my mind, I always have plans for what I want to do in the future.  I don't necessarily verbalize these thoughts, but they're there.  I had goals when I started my blog, Waving My Wand.  I wanted to eventually be part of a joint crafting blog with sponsors and build a community.  I know, there's one on every corner, but that's a testimony to every person out there who has a love for crafting.  I have to thank Angela Magnuson of the Unity Stamp Co for bringing me together with my other two co-horts (hi Pam and Sheryl!) at Mountain Plains Crafters.  We have a wonderful design team in place and pretty great sponsors too.  This is the realization of an unspoken goal. 

So back to the question, what and why?  Or maybe it was why and what??  Regardless, this is my vision for CHA, should they let my sorry tail in the door.
(Yes, another checklist.  Deal with it.)

1.  Earn my keep.  I have no idea what kind of ideas they're bouncing around at CHA headquarters up there in Elmwood Park, N.J., but by golly, if these arthritic knees need to bare up under heavy lifting, then that's ok by me.  This chic is willing to work!

2.  Document my time there.  I want to blog about my experience from the perspective of your every day crafter.  We are a tight knit community and we crafters have that love for creating.  We love to not only create but we love the process; getting all inky, getting poked with sewing needles, letting fly a few choice words now and then....staring at that project and zoning out until lightning strikes and you lay down that next perfect piece.  Don't we all at some point wish we could meet some of our crafty idols?  The companies that make these fabulous products?  I want to meet some of our sponsors and personally THANK them.  No, I won't act like a Donny Osmond groupie (although I AM a Donny Osmond groupie!  Well maybe just a huge fan.  He spoke to me once.  He said, "take the picture already!"  Haha.  I have to duke out biggest Donny fan with my pal Megan Elizabeth from Above Rubies Studio!) 
Of course, I envision professional handshakes and courteous conversation.  But hey, they don't have to know I'll be  quivering like jello inside.  (I said but hey....just like on Duck Dynasty.)

3. Learn.  Yes, I want to learn!  I'm just a little goldfish swimming in a tank full of Peacock Gudgeon's.  (Wow, those suckers are expensive!  $15.99 see picture)  This journey has just begun and who knows where it will go.  We learn from the masters.  I'm hoping to meet some masters.

So there you go.  I've made 3 points, just like a good Baptist preacher.   Earlier today, I posted something on Twitter.  Something caught my eye.  CHA had marked my blog post as a favorite.  I don't know what that means but it's got to be good, right? 
(part 3 of my ongoing quest to go to CHA/Craft and Hobby Association's Big blowout trade show in Hotlanta!)

Bored?  Want to read the entire saga?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The quest for CHA.....Houston, we have contact

Yesterday, I rested from the quest.  Well, sort of.  There was that one tweet to CHA...and I might have posted something on Teresa Collins Design blog....ok, so I didn't rest.  But I did make a valiant effort to rest.  So, I thought I would share an update.

I HEARD FROM CHA!!  Yeah, I'd like to be all cool and lean back in my chair with my arm propped back and showing some swagger but, um, it's a whole heck of a lot more fun to just go flippin nuts right now!   Hey, I can be just as professional as the next girl when I need to be.   However, that time is not now.  When they call me next week??  Yeah, I might change my tune a little.  Maybe I'll have calmed down a bit by then........nah, who am I kidding?! 

I know you're thinking, "spill it girlfriend, what did they say!"  Well, they didn't tell me NOT to share and, hey, I am a blogger, albeit a crafty blogger, so here's the scoop:  They like me.  They really like me.  Sorry, I just wanted to go all Sally Fields on you.  Basically, they don't work with volunteers.  So for all you future wannabes, keep that in mind.  However, they did read my blog and they love my enthusiasm and they are bouncing around some ideas.  I'll be getting a phone call from them on Monday.  Eeekkk!   

Hopefully they don't shake their heads with regret and drop me like a hot potato, haha.  Seriously, though, my prayer is the same and I do not speak lightly of prayer.  I'm just a girl pursuing her dream.  Ok, so I'm not really a girl anymore, I'm a full growed woman (yes I said growed).  Keep the faith people and I'll keep you posted on the quest,  one baby step at a time.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pumpkin love

I recently won this sweet stamp set from Waffle Flowers Crafts and wanted to make something a little different with the poppy pod.  So, I turned it into pumpkins!  I masked the bottom of the pod and stamped it 3 times on cardstock, also masking the two outer pumpkins so the middle would look cropped.  I should have documented this process but I didn't as this was actually made over a couple days due to time factors and life getting in the way.  It happens, right?! 

After stamping the pumpkins with black ink, I colored with my distress markers and painted a little bit with Twinkling H20 shimmer paints for shine. 

Now, for the documented part;  I glued some burlap ribbon then took a strip of May Arts green net ribbon and folded it in half, glued the ends and left a gap.  I decided to fill that gap with an orange paper straw for fun and color.  I glued that to the burlap, then raised my pumpkins with pop dots.  The sentiment was heat embossed for a bolder look and was also part of this stamp kit.  The final touch is  Freckled Fawn neon enamel dots.  I love how this turned out!

The quest for CHA

The quest for CHA
I know what you're saying. What the heck is CHA? CHA is the the Craft and Hobby Association. They hold annual conventions where companies come together and promote their new products. Buyers come to these events to see and order the latest products for their stores. For the first time, CHA is hosting a papercrafters only event in Atlanta. All the big paper companies will be there. So why do I want in? Well, as a crafty blogger and living here in the South, this may be the closest I come to meeting some of the greats. I'm not a store owner and therefore, not a member of CHA. Some of these companies are sponsors of my challenge blog, Mountain Plains Crafters, that I started with 2 friends not long ago. It's the perfect opportunity for me to meet some of our sponsors and thank them personally for their support. I also want to blog about the experience from an insider's point of view. So basically, the only way I'm getting in, is to do some volunteer work which I would LOVE to do. I've been taking baby steps in my quest. Can I afford the additional expenses involved, like food, gas, lodging? Um, no. I'm like many of you. The downturn in the economy affected my husband's job and he is only working part-time for now. We are counting pennies but there are still mouths to feed, doctor copays, medications to buy. I cannot afford this. I do not have the extra money. But its a dream that I can't let go, so for now, the baby steps continue and I will figure it out as each day comes. I do have a checklist of sorts. Want to see?

1. Contact current sponsors. Check. (They're bringing their own armys to CHA, so two no's)
2. Pray. Check.
3. Maybe I should have prayed first? Duly noted.
4. Contact CHA directly. Check. (Hi Tina!)
5. No response from CHA. Contact again. Check. (Thanks Tina! My request has moved to the marketing department for review. Whoop!)
6. Blog about my quest. Check. I figured if I verbalize it, out loud, then things might happen. I mean hey, if Jim Carey can write himself a check for a million dollars and make it happen, why not? (Where's my checkbook...I need to write myself a check!)
7. Spread the word. Check. Who do I know personally that could help in my quest? Megan Elizabeth from Above Rubies Studio. She's a sweetheart. And an online friend. I'm REALLY stepping into uncharted territory by pulling her in. I mean, that's really asking a lot. But you know what? She's game to help! And a Godly woman that I adore. As a business owner, she's been to CHA numerous times. She's hosted crafty products on the HSN tv show. She knows people.
8. Bide my time. Check. Today I shall rest from the process and wait on those who are helping. Do I have it all figured out? Nope. I have a full-time job too. Have I made arrangements to leave work? Um, uh, no. But I will. Should the Lord smile favorably on this quest, then I truly believe it will all work out. If it doesn't? Then it wasn't meant to be and this dream will come true another day.  #smile                                                                               

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello Flower

I got lucky recently and won this cool stamp set from Waffle Flower.  I love freebies, but I REALLY love crafty freebies!  I used the large circle, scallop, leaf, stem and sentiment from this kit.

I used my Tim Holtz distress markers to color the inside of the flower and stem, but used American Crafts Apricot ink for the border around the flower.  Freckled Fawn neon dots are here and there along with some twine from The Twinery that I got from a crop..another freebie!  Do you like the distressed polka dot paper?  I've had it forever.  It's from a Making Memories baby pad that I got on clearance at Michael's for 1.99.  I think this turned out sweet and summery.  ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July

I found this patriotic paper pad that I forgot I had and used it for this wonderful card to add to a post from the design team at Mountain Plains Crafters.  I also used my stitched oval die from Lil Inkers design but cut it in half to make it look like striped ribbon runs through it.  A little messin with the eyes effect, haha.  Last, the sentiment is from the Unity Stamp Co kit called, thankful for you.   Enjoy and celebrate Independence day!

Additional supplies:  American Crafts silver glitter adhesive tape, Memento black luxe ink and LLondon Fog ink,  Basic Grey candy buttons, star shape punches

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Silhouette Wedding card

Here's a quick wedding card I made with the Unity Stamp kit Insightful Meadows by Donna Downey and sentiments from the LIVE LAUGH LAUGH kit by Samantha Walker.  I've got another wedding coming up and had in my mind exactly what I wanted to do: silhouette flowers embossed with black powder.  

Once I embossed the flowers, I stamped again for a shadow effect, just to the left in gray ink.  Let me tell you, I wanted to add ribbon and bling and more crafty stuff...I literally made myself stop.  You have no idea how HARD it was!  But I really tried to keep it simple and elegant and I think I succeeded, even if I had to talk myself down several times.  Ha!  

The pictures below show the inside also where I used die cut frames and most of the items used are also pictured.  This was a fun one to make, aside from cuffing my hands together to stop.....  #grin. (Oh wait...the butterflies...fussy cut from We R Memory Keepers Inked Rose pad and colored with distress markers) 

Additional Supplies: 
Colorbok Poolside DP, The Paper Studio heat tool, Versamark ink, Tim Holtz distress markers in Salty Ocean and Ripe Persimmon, The Paper Studio Damask paper, Cuttlebug, Zing embossing powder, Stickles stardust glitter glue, Memento London Fog ink and black luxe ink