Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quest for CHA, Part 5

(To catch up on the saga, scroll to the bottom and read Parts 1-4 of my quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association in Atlanta)

The quest took a break yesterday.  I was busy pretty much almost all day.  In between scouring tubs and doing laundry, I was on my phone networking; plugging Mountain Plains Crafters, chatting with the design team and working on posts for the blog and my personal site.  Crafting never sleeps!  Oh, and there's the boy who demands my attention too.  And the hubs.  He pretty much begged me to cook a good southern meal last night, so I obliged; country fried chicken tenderloins with homemade gravy (is there any other kind?), mashed potatoes (no instant here) and some steamed asparagus so I could at least have one healthy item in the mix. 

I said in my previous post that I would tell you about my Mother's dream at the age of 72.  Or maybe she's 73.  I can never remember.  She has it in her mind that some television network is going to do a reality show about her and her neighbor Carol, and their kooky adventures and call it "Gossip with Grandmas". 
Mom has been writing stories about our family for as long as I can remember, most with a comedic twist.  Yes, I was raised crazy and continue to live crazy.  I definitely have my mom's sense of humor. 

So mom contacted our friend awhile back, who works at A&E in New York (hi Margie!) to find out what she needs to do to get the ball rolling.  Yes, folks, she did.  And Margie told her she needs to come up with a "treatment".  Now my mother has been working on that treatment for a good 6 months or more.  I've prepared her for the fact that, they may reject her scipt.  So what's she going to do if it's rejected?  Submit it to the next network on her list.  Yup.  Mom's got a stubborn streak.  Guess what else?  She also wants to get one or both of her books published.  I'll admit that a part of me thinks my mom is a bit delusional.  But who am I to crush her dreams?  Anything is possible, right?  Getting into CHA might just be the first step towards a new crafty, direction.  I'll admit, another unspoken goal is to one day be designing crafty products.  There.  I've gone and said it out loud again.

Let me wrap this up by saying, CHA is calling me tomorrow.  Am I a nervous wreck?  Kind of, but not overly so.  Might something stupid come out of my mouth? Probably.  Haha.  Actually, I think I'm just nervous about the unknown; what they'll ask, what their ideas are, if something stupid will come out of my mouth.........

So as the song goes, say a little prayer for me.  And sing along with the bridal party from "My Best Friends Wedding" while you're at it (pictured).  #grin