Saturday, July 26, 2014

Countdown to CHA, the WEEKEND edition!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta......and I'm going!)

Stress.  I hate it.  Although, I must say, I usually handle it pretty well.  It takes a lot for me to buckle under pressure and even then, I don't buckle.

The reason I mention it is that several things have happened, all at once.  Isn't that the way of it?  Everything in life comes in three's, it seems.  I'm juggling an unusually increased work load and trying to stay caught up in anticipation of my leave taking for CHA.  At the same time, my phone has suddenly decided to have spasms and is draining at about the same speed as my bathtub when the plug has been pulled.  And, for the icing on the cake, I have two required apps to learn which will assist my blogging prowess and photo capturing finesse, courtesy of the lovely people at CHA headquarters. 

Now before my buddy Jason up at CHA headquarters blows a gasket, he has been ever so gracious in assisting me every step of the way, including options to work around those lovely apps.  What he doesn't know, is this chic don't quit!  So I've been up late at night, creating drafts, trying to figure out the phone drain, looking up online fix it solutions.....and what have I learned?

1.  One of the apps wants to load every picture on my phone, all 800+ photos into it's little happy box.  The fix?  Turn off camera upload for now so it won't keep cycling in the background.
2.  The other app is telling me I don't have certain permissions.  Somebody, give me permission. 
3.  Remove the child's silly games and any other unnecessary programs running in the background.  Done.  Phone is already back to its normal, productive self.  Hallelujah!

With all this unexpected stress, you should know that I did have a minor meltdown that was extremely cathartic.  Now I can go back to business as usual.  

On the up side, I've got excited vendors contacting me to tell me what booth they'll be at and a stunning compliment from the hubs who has been apparently reading my blog in full, each and every day.  He said, and  I quote, (because I had to ask him to repeat himself out of stunned disbelief) that I impressed him with my literary expertise and the ability to get my point across and, at the same time, surround it with my witty humor, both captivating and informative. 

Well alrighty then.  I'll take that compliment. With a side of chocolate, please.