Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quest for CHA, Part 9....Tweetin' at the midnight hour!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta...and yes.  I'm going!)

I've got 11 more days before the big event.  Just 11.  Eeeeek!  I've been tweeting like a mad man, up til midnight last night, and leaving Facebook posts on vendor pages.  I think I've made contact with all but a few who I couldn't find on social media;  just leaving a one-liner, telling them who I am and that I'm looking forward to meeting them.  Anna Griffin said she can't wait to meet me.  And so did Sizzix.  My life is now complete. 
Who am I kidding?!  We all know,  Anna Griffin has better things to do with her time.  Like drawing up fabulous new paper designs and fabulous new embossing folders in which to place said fabulous new papers.......all of which I can't wait to get a peek of.  New goodies!
Earlier, I was having a quick chat with my design team from Mountain Plains Crafters and we had a furious selfie exchange as I am attending CHA and they are not.  Sarcastic jabs with matching photos were going back and forth in our chat room.  The final entry was this heart photo from me, and a caption that I wish I could take them with me. 
These are wonderful, caring, giving women from the age of 28 to 50 something (I dare not reveal THAT number).  Most are working full time jobs, then come home to their families and complete the endless list of tasks at hand, and like me, saunter off to their crafty domain to spend more hours doing what they love and giving of their talents not only to MPC, but to other crafty blogs and companies as well.  So let me give a shout out to my two co-founders of MPC, Pam Stang, Sheryl Kemper and our fabulous design team:  MariLyn DeGroot, Jennifer Loftfield, Christina Ramon, Paula McClane and Deb Davison.  You guys ARE the best! 
P.S.  Look out, 'cause I might have a trick or two up my sleeve at CHA!


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