Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The quest for CHA.....Houston, we have contact

Yesterday, I rested from the quest.  Well, sort of.  There was that one tweet to CHA...and I might have posted something on Teresa Collins Design blog....ok, so I didn't rest.  But I did make a valiant effort to rest.  So, I thought I would share an update.

I HEARD FROM CHA!!  Yeah, I'd like to be all cool and lean back in my chair with my arm propped back and showing some swagger but, um, it's a whole heck of a lot more fun to just go flippin nuts right now!   Hey, I can be just as professional as the next girl when I need to be.   However, that time is not now.  When they call me next week??  Yeah, I might change my tune a little.  Maybe I'll have calmed down a bit by then........nah, who am I kidding?! 

I know you're thinking, "spill it girlfriend, what did they say!"  Well, they didn't tell me NOT to share and, hey, I am a blogger, albeit a crafty blogger, so here's the scoop:  They like me.  They really like me.  Sorry, I just wanted to go all Sally Fields on you.  Basically, they don't work with volunteers.  So for all you future wannabes, keep that in mind.  However, they did read my blog and they love my enthusiasm and they are bouncing around some ideas.  I'll be getting a phone call from them on Monday.  Eeekkk!   

Hopefully they don't shake their heads with regret and drop me like a hot potato, haha.  Seriously, though, my prayer is the same and I do not speak lightly of prayer.  I'm just a girl pursuing her dream.  Ok, so I'm not really a girl anymore, I'm a full growed woman (yes I said growed).  Keep the faith people and I'll keep you posted on the quest,  one baby step at a time.....