Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Quest for Cha, Part 8....Welcome to Oz!

(To follow the entire saga, view my blog archives...this is my Quest to get into the Craft and Hobby association trade show in Atlanta)

Today, boys and girls, I have in my hot little hands, the vendor list for CHA.  I also have the floor plans.  According to this map, I will either be sandwiched inbetween Anna Griffin and Petaloo International....or by the exit door.  Me thinks it will most likely be the exit door, ha ha.  I really don't care where they park me.  I liken this chapter of my life to Dorothy being plucked right out of Kansas, to a whirlwind ride landing her smack in the middle of Oz.  Munchkinland.  Emerald City. 

Another thing you don't know about me; I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan.  I've got the dolls, the trinket toys, the Special Anniversary DVD collection (75th to be exact).  Even my baby shower was Oz themed with my little niece and nephews dressed as Dorothy and the Lollipop Guild.  A friend even made blue/plaid curtains for my son's nursery.  Ok, maybe that was taking it a bit far....but I did love the curtains!!


For my birthday one year or maybe it was Christmas, my darling sister Judi (who is always trying to one-up me on gift giving) traveled two and a half hours to Atlanta to meet actor Mickey Carroll who was on an Oz tour  (he played the munchkin town crier and fiddler).  She had him autograph this huge poster for me, dedicating it to me and my son, then had it framed.  Yup, she held the title, "Reigning Queen of Gift Giving",  for a long time after that.  I took the crown back a few years later though.

So back to CHA.  Because that's what it's really all about.  Sure this is my Quest, but I'm sharing it with a wonderful organization that decided to take a chance on me and swim in uncharted waters too.   I hope this will be a wonderful experience for both of us.  Looking at my calendar, I've got just 12 days to finalize my plans.  I've been doing the research, visiting sponsor blogs, familiarizing myself with some of the vendor attendees, realizing that "oh, I've been following her for years" or "I know that name!"  It's definitely a fun process, doing all this prep work.  I wouldn't even call it work!  I've already discovered via research that yes...I DO need that Stamper's Secret Weapon Pad!  Check out the video here 'cause you're going to want one too:  Sizzix and Stephanie Barnard Stamper's Secret Weapon.

I hope you'll continue to check in every day on my journey.  Do me a favor will you?  Would you share this with your friends on Facebook?  Ask them to view my blog post?  I'm about to reach a milestone with my blog and when I do, I'm having a giveaway!  Somebody is going to win a prize.  It might be you!  Until then.....see you in Oz!