Saturday, October 25, 2014

10 Crafty Ways to Recycle your Coffee Cup

You know that moment when lightning strikes, that "ah ha" moment?  That's what happened while enjoying my morning coffee.  I thought to myself, " I bet there's a lot of ways I could get crafty with this thing."

So, I proceeded to make a list of things that immediately came to my mind.  Here are the resulting projects:

#1 - Decorate it.  Fill it with shredded paper, put a gift card in it, samples of coffee, whatever.  Your coffee loving friend will love it!  I know I would.

#2 - Make a card.  YES!  Is this not the best idea ever?!  Plus, it knocks out #3 on my list .....make confetti.  Oddly enough, this confetti actually looks like coffee beans.  I used a hole punch and Glue Dots to adhere.  You could actually punch out a bunch and use in lots of different ways: a shaker card, decorative confetti on the table, use for googly eyes, etc.

#4 - A Megaphone.   Decorate it in school colors, wrap it in washi tape.  I guarantee my child will want to take this with him to the next pep rally at school.

 Giant #5 - Giant Googly Eyes.  Let the kids have fun with this.  They could make silly faces, stick a piece of magnetic tape on the back, put the fun on the fridge.

#6 - Yes I did.  A coffee cup Christmas tree.  PLEASE USE LED LIGHTS so you don't burn the place down!

#7 - Bowling!  Put the lids on, turn them upside down and let the kids have a bowling alley in the kitchen.

Lastly, 8, 9 and 10.  Not pictured but still, fun ideas.  

#8 - Make a gift tag.  If you have a large circle punch, punch out a section (or draw a circle and trim with scissors) then use a small hole punch to run ribbon or string through.  Use a sharpie marker to write the name on the back.

#9 - Another rainy day kids game.....fill multiple cups halfway with water and have a fun coin toss.  This will keep them busy while you enjoy another cup of coffee.

#10 - Make a coffee cup snowman.  Turn it upside.  Take a Styrofoam round ball and stick to top with a toothpick or glue.  Poke stick branches through the side for arms and decorate.  *Tip - the lid makes a cute hat!

Have fun getting crafty with these recycled ideas.  I can guarantee you'll create some great conversation pieces!

(Please note, the company that promotes this cup does not endorse this article.  To date, I have not received a response from a certain corporation to be granted permission to promote their branded cup)

Update:  McDonald's tweeted.  They like my project.  :)

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