Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fringed Burlap Tree for May Arts Ribbon

I'm sharing a super fun home décor piece today on the May Arts Ribbon blog; a Fringed Burlap Ribbon Tree, made with the Faux Silver Burlap Ribbon and Wired Ivory Beads.

Head on over and check out all the photos and details, and make one for yourself!  While you're there, leave a little comment letting me know what you think. 

These ribbons are available at The Ribbon Resource - May Arts Ribbon Retail Store .

445-15-31 1.5” Silver Faux Burlap Ribbon

"1.5 inch Silver Faux Burlap Ribbon" - $5.45

"This 1.5 inch silver faux burlap ribbon has the rustic look of jute and burlap that is so popular, yet keeps a much cleaner appearance thanks to being a woven polyester. The wire edge allows you to bend and shape your creations and decorations with ease. Ideal for wreaths, favors, gift wrapping and more."

FY-09 3/16” Ivory Wired Beads

"3/16 Inch Ivory Wired Beads" - $5.95

"This narrow 3/16 inch by 25 yard roll of ivory wired beads will add luster and interest to all your crafting projects. Wrap around Christmas ornaments, embellish craft projects, or use with ribbon for floral arrangements and wrapping gift baskets and packages."

Don't forget, for every purchase made before Christmas you will receive one 25 yard roll of Christmas ribbon, FREE!  You might also get free shipping from a pop up box when you visit The Ribbon Resource - May Arts Ribbon Retail Store .  You can't beat that!  New 5 yard bundles are available for smaller projects. 

Shop here:

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