Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big "Retirement" Sale at So Suzy Stamps!

Aw, yeah.  Suzy is having a jam-up sale.  You do NOT want to miss this!  There's even a few that I'm going to have to snag, before they're gone.  

So visit the link below, even just to browse.  There's an incredible selection and some super amazing stamps.  Don't waste time thinking about it, 'cause when they're gone... they're gone!  Don't come crying to me later, because you drug your feet.  All I'm going to do is hand you a tissue.  Haha.  So go!  Now!

Hey, did I mention, she sells a ton of accessories too?  Bling, stencils, ink.... Suzy is a one-stop shop so look around before you leave.  Have fun and share the sale with your friends if you're so inclined.  Thanks!

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