Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go the extra mile on your photographed projects #PicMonkey

Can I share some words of wisdom?  Are you a crafter, cardmaker, blogger, chef, etc?  Do you post photos for the viewing pleasure of others?  I hope you're using a good photo editing site or software.  I've seen pictures shared online that I couldn't tell what was in the photo, it was so dark, blurred and so on.  If you're going to take the time to share your project with others, particularly in a public forum, take a few minutes to adjust the elements of your picture.   

Sharpen, lighten, crop...these features make all the difference.  Believe it or not, people do judge you based on your pictures.  Sad, but true.  Your photograph can be considered a reflection on you. 
You don't want it say, "hey, I'm sloppy". 

I'll admit the editing features on my phone stink.  I have one app that I like but even it is limited.  The absolute best FREE photo editing site I've found, is PicMonkey.  I love it! 

I use it on my desktop computer for almost everything I do.  Almost every picture that I post online has been edited in some fashion.  The features I use the most are contrast, crop and saturation (or color enhancing).  With PicMonkey, I can even take out shadows.  It's awesome!  Use the free version for awhile, and experiment.  But be prepared; you'll most likely want to upgrade for the additional features.  It's very nominal fee and you will not be disappointed.

The photos above?  The first one was edited with PicMonkey.  I sharpened the photo, added some contrast and brightened.  The second photo was taken inside a lit room, and the third photo was taken outdoors in natural lighting.  See what a difference just a few key editing features makes?  It took me under a minute to decide what features I wanted to use and implement.  This is just a basic photo shot of the inside of a card.  Imagine what you can do, and go do it!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

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