Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ok, Cricut. My mind is blown.

Let me start by saying, I did a lot of research before deciding on whether I would go Team Cricut or Team Silhouette.  I even considered a few other devices.  However, after much deliberation, I went with Team Cricut, in particular, the Cricut Explore.

I have read and heard a lot of comments about changes in the company, how customer service was really ramped up, etc.  I did not expect to have an experience with customer service before I even plugged up my unit.  Here's what happened....

Like a kid waiting for Christmas day, that is exactly how I felt waiting on my Explore to arrive.  It came the day before my birthday this month.  Bonus!  I opened up my box, inspected everything and discovered the mat was bent in half.  A pretty definite crease that I wasn't sure I could work with.  So I went to a favorite site devoted to all things Cricut on Facebook.  The girls gave me some tips on how I could correct the crease, so I was good with that.  Before the conversation was over, a Cricut rep pops in to the group and asks me for my mailing address so she can remedy the situation and send another one pronto.  I assured her I was ok with the fix it suggestions, but no....she was sending me another. 

Remember when I said Cricut has ramped up their customer service?  I was not kidding.  The hubs told me a package had arrived from Cricut.  Well, I knew what it was so I didn't bother opening it until late in the evening.  Not only did I get a new mat, all flat and uncreased (yay!), but there was also a brand new cartridge, an extra german carbide blade (you need to know about those blades) and a thank you card.  Mind blowing, to say the least.  So thank you Cricut for going the extra mile when you didn't have to.  A little publicity goes a long way, right?  Smart thinking, Cricut!

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