Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beach trip.... And work....

I was informed that I have been negligent to this blog .   Alas,  tis true.   Last week,  I had a business trip at Orange Beach,  AL and took my family with me.  I made arrangements to take my son out of school,  (it helps to have a straight A student!)  and off we went.   The first day was gorgeous and my boys had fun at the beach while I'm in meetings.   That night we had dinner at the Shrimp Basket and the food was excellent.   When my son took a bite of my red snapper he made me trade plates.   Why do I always have to give up my food?!

The next day the boys took off for the Gulf Shores Zoo and had a blast,  once again,  while I'm in meetings all day.   Doesn't seem right does it?   *grin

That night was super cold but we participated outdoors in a mullet toss.   The fish,  not the hairstyle.   Believe it or not,  it was actually fun.   Apparently,  it's a big event there every year.   Later we ate at a sponsored '' luau'' where a DJ was spinning tunes.   People were line dancing and my 11 year old tore onto the dance floor when he recognized dances he learned at school.   He was hilarious and not shy at all!
By the end of the 3rd day,  the hubby and son were getting on each others nerves cause mom is not around to buffer.   Welcome to my world dad!
Lastly,  I spent the last night in Daphne,  AL  with my BFF from high school.   We had so much fun staying up late and reminiscing.   Just like old times... Miss her already.   So there you have it.   Mommy did all the work but had fun anyway.   Oh and if you ever get to Ed's Seafood Shak?   I highly recommend Yo Mommas platter.   Could feed 3 people!