Monday, November 18, 2013

The Christmas list of an 11 yr old...

My young 'un,  my one and only,  the apple of my eye, has come up with his Christmas list.   Now he's been working on this for about a month.   It's been revised,  erased,  traded for something else,  and all but signed on the dotted line.

What does he want?   The same thing every other kid his age wants ; technology.   And accessories for technology.   And accessories that coordinate with accessories.   Oh an
d a Duck Dynasty Jr Archery set.   And an Uggly Pug electronic dog that makes gross noises.   

I might as well accept the fact that my little guy isn't so little anymore.   No more dump trucks or pirate costumes or cowboy hats.   He wants nano micro juju pods or whatever.   So there we have it.   It's technology or money from here on out.   Or a Nerf Elite N rapid striker CS shooter.   Ah,  something I recognize... Nerf.   He's still my baby after all.