Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Are you a "Craft" Snob? An observation from one who's been snobbed.

 Snobbery.  It's not a pretty thing.  Most of us can probably say we've endured it in some shape or form, from an early age.  From being pushed around on the playground because your clothes weren't cool or you wore glasses, or had braces, to the teen years when the cheerleaders ruled, and maybe you just couldn't find your niche.

As adults, we find snobbery on every corner.  I'm a people watcher and I see snobbery everywhere; the coffee shop, the fancy restaurant, the grocery store, even at church; snobbery abounds.

Why then, should I be surprised to find snobbery in the craft industry?  Yes, I said it.  Believe it or not, there are craft snobs on every bloggy corner.  And, it's not limited to the highly educated, graphic designer or self-made craft blogger extraordinaire, oh no.

There is snobbery and prejudice amongst the various type of crafters.  I know, who would have thunk it?  One would think that as a lover of arts, we would all be united as one, in our love of the craft, however, I'm finding more and more that, that is not the case.

There are varying degrees and or levels of snobbery.  The jewelry maker may look down on the sewer because, do you know how many hours were spent hammering jewelry out of metal plates and chisels?  The sewer looks down on the papercrafter because, do you know how many hours were spent stitching that handmade organza bodice from straw?  The papercrafter looks down at .....well the papercrafter doesn't really have anyone to look down on because from my observation, the papercrafter is at the bottom of a very deep barrel, stacked full of, well......paper.

You heard it folks.  Papercrafters are often reviled as basic, unskilled men and women who shouldn't waste their time slapping paper and glue together, and taking up precious space expending said creations on the blogosphere.  Not so much from crafters within their field (although papercrafter snobbery does exist) but from crafters or artists working in other fields of art.  As a member of many different blogging groups ranging from expert to novice crafters and artists, I see on a daily basis and am amazed at the snobbery.

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It's even been said that you shouldn't waste your time as a craft blogger, crafting as a "hobby", if you can't invest yourself full time into this industry.  Really?   Hold on folks, because I'm getting ready to really get riled up.  We all are on a journey in this life.  This journey takes every one of us in different directions.  Sometimes, life choices take us on a path that wasn't our plan.  I've made choices in life that require that I work a full time job, to pay the bills and have insurance coverage.   Some day, maybe some big business craft company will love what I do, and give me a call, offer me a huge salary to do what I love and pay to have me moved wherever they need me to be.  (Hey, a girl can dream....)  In the meantime, I don't need the snobbery from those craft bloggers who are making six or seven figure salaries because they've figured it all out and the rest of us should just go crawl under a folded craft table, which by the way, would be impossible to do (because it's folded.....).

Dare I propose a solution?  How about, we all just get along?  How about you remember that you started somewhere and maybe you were lucky enough to not have to claw, hand, tooth and nail, to get somewhere in this crafty world?  Thank God, there are those who are willing to help others teach, to share, to remind us that we all deserve a place in the world which we love.

As for me, I will steer clear of the craft snobs in this world, and hope and pray that I never become one.  

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