Friday, November 27, 2015

Make A Budget Friendly Pine Cone Bell With Ribbon Resource

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It's time for another Friday crafting event, brought to you by the Prima Ribbonistas and 

Today, it's all about budget friendly ribbon crafts.  I'll tell you, there's a lot of budget friendly crafts out there and I was a little stumped coming up with something fresh, but I think this is fun, unique and very inexpensive; a decorative and functional Pine cone Bell.

You will need these ribbons from

You will also need:

Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Clear Glue (Tombow)
2.48" or 63mm Rustic Jingle Bells 
Fine Point Scissors
Pinecone (approx. 5" tall)

This is super easy to make so to begin, we're going to make a little "nest".  It's easiest to simply wrap the burlap string around 3 fingers, six to eight times, then continue wrapping the same strand of string with just two fingers, another 6-8 times.  Do this loosely.  Loop one end of string through and tie off a knot.  Trim ends.  

You can pull a few strands of the burlap string to loosen and drape to your desire.  No need to glue this onto your bell, as you will glue the Pinecone on top of the bell and that will keep your knotted ribbon from falling off.

Next, take some fine tipped scissors and trim the balls from a 5.5" section of mini pom pom ribbons.  This is equal to 25 mini pom poms.  Randomly glue each ball with clear glue.  I use Tombow Mono Aqua glue.  Space out your pom poms as there's no need to completely cover each pinecone stem, unless of course, you want to!

When finished, simply hot glue your pinecone to the top of your bell.  If your bell has a ridge at the top as mine did, you'll want to fill in a little hot glue on both sides of the ridge, to make a level field for gluing the base of your pine cone.  

Now, for the cost.... I actually purchased these rustic bells from the Christmas Craft section of Hobby Lobby and at the time, all Christmas Crafts were 50% off.  My calculation before the discount for the ribbon that costs pennies per section (.74 and .37) plus the bells which were 6.99 for 6 bells, plus the glue which was also pennies.... approximately $2.40 each.  Consider that you may find the bells half price, as I did, and that cuts the cost of the bell with a final total of $1.80 plus tax, or thereabouts.  Not bad!  I imagine if you were to purchase this in a gift shop, the cost would be closer to $15.00 perhaps?  Not only is it pretty, but you can pick it up and jingle it!  Just watch out for the prickly pine cone which, by the way, was courtesy of the lumbering pine down the street..... and FREE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck entering the giveaway!  The prize is 2-5 yards of ribbon.  Sweet!

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