Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Furry Friends Challenge Week 2 at DoubleClick Skittles

Welcome to Week 2 of the DoubleClick Skittles Challenge!

Challenge #34 - Furry Friends

Oct. 28 - Nov. 10

**Do me a favor?  Read below the picture today.  I have a schpeel that I feel is very important.  Yes, I said a schpeel.  Say that out loud, 3 times.

I am so excited to start working on winter and Christmas themed projects.  Actually, I already have started.  Weeks ago.  It's the life of a design team member.  One of the perks of being a design team member is, you are often sent fun things to play with.  That is the case with several of the products that I'm using today.  When I received the new Hello Winter collection designed by Echo Park, I knew I would be pairing this with my Skittles.  Oh my goodness, they look so good together!

I love blues and browns together.  It reminds of so much of nature; the sky, the earth.  There's just something soothing about pairing these colors.  Since I love to give baked goods during the holidays,  having plenty of tags on hand is a must. This is the start of my holiday tag collection.   I added my Stream Skittles to the blues on this tag, including the little ball of the polar bears hat.  Isn't it darling?  For the brown, I added my Pebble Skittle with a touch of gold glitter glue underneath.  Yum!

*Now for the Schpeel!*

How would you like to support small business and feel good about it?  Do you have crafty friends?  Do you teach crafts in school, Sunday School or do you like giving craft gifts for special occasions?

If you said yes to any of the above, why don't you go ahead and bookmark this link.  

Then, go find some fun goodies that you would like to use in your crafting and maybe give some as gifts.  I promise you, there's no better feeling than getting a bargain, helping to support small business, and making someone's day with these beautiful and functional embellishments.

There are many embellishments on the market today.  What you won't find?  A similar bubble embellishment that is priced so affordable and, I might add, offers FREE SHIPPING in the US!  You won't find that anywhere else.  Personally?  I think Carri is very generous, offering free shipping.   Who does that?  Not the big boys, I can tell you that.  Plus, you can use Paypal and feel secure in your transaction.  Carri makes these in batches, all by herself, in her little bakery a.k.a. craft room.  She puts a lot of tender loving care into each batch.  She does what she loves and loves what she does and it shows.  Show your appreciation today.

Maybe you could share the love and share her shopping link with your friends as well.  One random act of kindness...... it can really make a difference to a small business.

Thanks for listening to my Schpeel today!  I appreciate it and I know Carri does too.  She would never ask me to say these things, so I consider it my random act of kindness today.  :)  Spread love!

Join the Furry Friends challenge and be entered for a fun prize, but be sure and read the rules, as backlinking is not allowed.  Skittles are not required to play so come on... link up and come and play with us!

Thanks for stopping by!


Additional Supplies:

Ribbon Resource/May Arts Ribbon burlap ribbon, 
silver glitter dot ribbon and fuzzy wired pom poms
Tombow Adhesives
Ranger Stickles glitter glue
Coredinations brown cardstock

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  1. Love love love this! LOVING the blues mixed with the burlap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is as cute as can your sweet snowman and that touch of burlap!

  3. Love the colors, this is so adorable!

  4. Love the colors, this is so adorable!

  5. Your project is so sweet, I love the soft Blues for the holidays! That's for saying such sweet words, your are a true friend!

  6. Oh, this is just too stinking cute Terri!

  7. Super cute! Love the pretty colors! Cute design!
    Sherrie K

  8. Love this bear! And you set him off so nicely with the Skittles! Good shepeel, by the way...going to check out the store next!


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