Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy gray skies

Hey everyone, hope your Monday got off to a great start.  I had computer problems at work, came home and crashed for about 3 hrs.  Still getting over pneumonia from last week.  Boy this stuff really wants to hang on!

So, I got crafty and made this cute card with Jillibeans Blossom Soup kit from Unity Stamps.  I took the tiny heart and made butterflies with it.  I also did my own hand inking of the field and grass.

Want to know a trick?  I use a small round green ink pad (Studio G) and just press little circles and half circles directly on the card to get the dimensional effect of a field, dragging the ink pad in places for more color.  Then I used green and a touch of sepia, Pentel arts watercolor brushes for grass.  Just practice, its really easy.

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