Thursday, May 1, 2014

Psychedelic sunshine

I'll admit.  I need a pick me up.  I've been home sick trying to get over pneumonia and this has really thrown me for a loop.  I've NEVER had pneumonia, nor do I ever want to get it again!  So, to cheer myself up, I made a quick, bright, happy card.

Ok so let me confess.  It wasn't that hard to make.  I actually made the butterfly awhile back and have been holding onto it for just the right card.  And that's some scrap paper I found, all colorful and tie-dyed looking.  So basically I just popped the butterfly on there, stamped the sentiment and glued some sequins.  I do love that sentiment..can you believe it's only $1.79 at the Unity Stamp Co?   Cheap!  The butterfly is from a set called Real Shared Happiness which I adore. 

So there you have it.  I feel better already.  A little, anyway.  :-)

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