Friday, July 24, 2015

SITS Summer Photography Challenge Day 10 - Black and White

 Well, I haven't been able to participate every single day of this challenge, but I have enjoyed the days that I was able to link up, and the invaluable tips and techniques.

Today, I'm sharing black and white pictures of my son, taken in Senoia, GA, home to The Walking Dead television show.  Yes, we're fans and we made a special trip to visit the town.  We actually attending a family wedding nearby, here on this old county fairground, which is where I snapped these photos. 

That's a mason jar of ice tea, folks, not alcohol, haha.  I adore this picture.  I took several of the wedding in black and white as well but this is what I call the money shot.

I had to throw in a silly zombie photo as well.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this challenge!

#sitsblogging #sitsgirls 


  1. Fun shots and it has been fun! Finally got all mine done...yep all ten. Glad it is over, sorta!


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