Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rose Bloom Reflection

This is one of two projects that I'm sharing today.  I've had a vision of trying to capture a reflection of a flower on water or perhaps, a mirror.  I captured this the best way I know how, using the Mirror Image stamp from So Suzy Stamps, along with the Rose Bloom stamp, So Suzy Ink Bites and the Audrey Hepburn sentiment.  Scroll down for some photos that capture the process.

The design team from So Suzy Stamps has a themed/technique challenge for March; Spring Flowers/Stenciling. 

I want to focus on how to achieve that reflection.   Take note of how I placed my Rose Bloom on the rubber mirror image stamp, for the reflection.  Upside down and at an angle on the lower left side of the mirror image stamp.  It doesn't really matter where you place the flower stamp on the rubber, but if I don't put it in writing, I myself will forget how to pull this off!  Haha.

After using your Misti to position everything, lower the lid of your Misti onto the cling side of your stamp and ink your ONLY THE UPPER HALF of the flower image.  Because this is a reflection, in my mind, the entire stamp should not be inked.  Plus, I tried it with the full image and it just didn't look right.

Press the inked stamp down onto the rubber Mirror image stamp.  Do this a total of 3 times for a good impression.  Use a misting water bottle to lightly mist your stamp on the 3rd inking and/or mist your watercolor paper before pressing into your inked image.

When you flip your paper over, your reflective image will be on the right side of your paper.  In addition to the pink ink that I used from Suzy's Coastal Breeze ink bites collection, I also used Ranger Abandoned Coral for the darker tone.  It worked better than a dye ink for the subtle blending with my waterbrush, and also blended well on the full Rose Bloom image, which was done with
no-line watercoloring.  No-line watercoloring is achieved by using a very pale ink to stamp with, preferably in the same tone as the central color to be used.  In this case, the pink Ink Bite.  Note the position of the full Rose Bloom in my first photo.

Once I finished coloring my images, I stenciled my background, added some gray shading with gray pigment ink and darker shading around the reflection, along with glossy accents on my reflection.  Metal brads and iridescent white thread accent my card as well.

Let's not forget the sentiment.  It's the Audrey Hepburn quote and I masked a portion to stamp on the outside, with the remainder stamped on the inside.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Be sure and visit Suzy's blog for more inspiration, giveaways and one-stop shopping!

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Rose Bloom

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Audrey Hepburn

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