Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love this app - Picsart

If you've never heard of Picsart Photo studio,  you need to check it out.  I use this app all the time and I do mean  ALL the time!   I downloaded it free from the Google play store.   You can check out their Facebook page too for more information.  This is just a tiny sample of what you can do,  thanks to my models, my son and my cousin... (Surprise Tracy!)  
There are so many features to this app,  I can't possibly name them all but here's a few: sketch,  special effects,  color adjust,  frames,  stickers,  clip art,  collage,  grids,... and more.

Once you have downloaded the app,  you can access their store from your app and download tons of more free stuff for your photos like seasonal holiday themed frames,  clip art,  fonts... My favorite frames are the scrapbook and retro frames.   Try it out and let me know if you agree that it's an awesome free app.   If you already use this app, comment below and share a tip or your favorite feature.  Thanks!

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