Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making the right choice - life lesson for a child

My son had a dilemma this week.   Go camping with his church group or support his soccer team in a tournament.
I must say,  it's been interesting watching him struggle with this issue and most definitely has been a defining moment as far as a teachable life lesson.
There was a little pressure from his coach and my husband and I expressed our opinion but ultimately,  we were leaving the decision making up to him.   Some of you might say we're wrong in letting him decide,  that we should tell him what he's going to do and that's that!   But the boy is almost 12 years old.   He needs to know that the choices he makes in life have consequences ; some good,  some bad.   And,  I'll admit,  I really wanted him to make the right choice.
So,  we let him stew on it all week.   The camping trip would be the last one with his age group before moving up to the youth.   There would probably be some time for Bible study devotions - an overall good time with friends from church.   On the other hand,  he's been the goalie for his undefeated soccer team.   The team depends on him and he made a commitment when he joined this team at the start of the season.
Let me say,  I am not a parent who puts sports before church.   The team has practice every Wednesday,  Thursday  and Friday.   We have not been to Wednesday practices as we feel church is more important.    So there's also the issue,  is a Christian event more important than this tournament?   Some would say yes.   God SHOULD be first in your life. 
So after all is said and done, and with a little prayer for guidance,  my child informed us that he would be giving up the camping trip and supporting his team at the tournament.   You cannot tell me that God is not honored by his decision.    I'm proud of him and believe he made the right choice.    He placed the needs of others before his own selfish desires.

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