Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet birthday card, scraps and washi

So my husband said I needed to make a birthday card for his sister.   And it needs to go in the mail tomorrow.   And I don't have much time.   What to do?   Bust out some scraps!   A dear scrapping buddy  (hey Nancy!)  convinced me years ago to save those scraps.   They come in handy,  believe me.  

This is actually a one sided piece of kraft card that I saved from a project gone wrong.   Had the faux sewing marks already on it (love my white gel pen).   All the scraps were pulled from a zip bag that I keep on hand.  All I really had to do was start layering.  

The washi tape was from a Target clearance find.   I paid  58 cents for a 4-pack of Tapefitti because the plastic casing was broken.   I'll take that deal!   Another neat thing I like to do?   Keep your sticker paper backing like from a Xyron machine. Place a strip of washi tape on the backing and use your shaped punches.  Then just peel your backing off and adhere to your project.   In this case I used a regular single hole puncher to punch some dots to match the strips on the card.   I also added some twine so this one sided card could be hung,  and signed our birthday wishes on the back.   Sweet!