Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chicken noodle soup with spaetzle? Not quite..

Have you ever had a recipe fail?  Who hasn't,  right?  Well we had a snow day and I was in the mood to make a big 'ol pot of soup.  Chicken noodle to be exact.   But then. ..I thought I'd get a little creative.   We'd been to a German restaurant recently and I thought,  "why not add some spaetzle to the soup?"  Have I ever made spaetzle?   No.  Did I know what I was doing?   No!  But the fun is in the trying.  

Now, I could do the smart thing and search online for a recipe or, heaven forbid, pull out my german cookbook.  You know, the one I bought for $2 at a library sale but have only looked at once?  Seriously, I need to find that bad boy and get busy on some good german recipes. ..
However,  I did have a vague knowledge of how to make spaetzle based on previous research from way back when.  So I threw some ingredients together and mixed it all up, then pressed it through my colander to make those tiny little dumplings over the boiling soup.

My first mistake?   Not following a recipe.   My second mistake?   Not following a recipe! !  Actually it wasn't bad.  Not as dense as it should be but not bad.  Next time?  I'll find that german cookbook.