Friday, February 7, 2014

German food in Alabama? Yes!

So I had a meeting in Montgomery today.  After the meeting was over, I discovered two gems nearby.  First up, a really cool antique shop called Lulu's Attic to Antiques.  Wow what a store! Lots of interesting items and things I'd never seen before.   The back opens up to what looks like a plane hangar where antique cars are on display too.

While there, we found a business card for Plantation House, a southern cooking restaurant over in Millbrook where the german cook serves up a german buffet on Friday nights.   Say no more.  They had me at schnitzel.  Plus, the purveyors of Lulu's raved about the food.   Good enough for me.

We drove the 20 minutes and got there for the 5:00 start for dinner.   Chef Renate Lindsey had a mixed buffet menu of Pork Schnitzel,  bratwurst,  sweet and sour cabbage and some of the best Spaetzle I've ever had.  And yes I'm a foodie and have a refined german palate!   There were also some southern veggies and even handmade baked pretzels.   There was also a dessert case with small plated treats.  The strawberry remoulade was scrumptious and the banana pudding?   Oh my heavenly!  Not exactly german but it was fabulous.  
I took a few pictures of the quaint german decor.   You'll have to make it to Millbrook sometime.  Bring the kids early and visit the nearby park which had a super playground.   Gee, I feel like a tour guide or something.    

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