Friday, February 14, 2014

Crafty Valentine bags

These Valentine bags were made out of supplies I already had on hand.  Silver Christmas clearance bags that were .10 and can be found at most stores,  pink tissue paper with the top cut into a heart shape (do this after you place in bag for desired height),  and then there's the tags;

Just take some cute scrapbook paper or even color something with crayons or markers.   Fold your paper in half and cut out hearts.  Yes, just like we all did when we were kids.  Add a little bling if you have it glue and glitter for fun.  The kraft paper?  Well, that's a brown lunch bag cut into a little banner tag.  Punch a hole in your tag and tie with string or adhere with a glue dot.  Write your message and you are done.  So easy to do.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!