Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cricut Money Saver - making your mat sticky again + free images

 Need to refurbish the mat for your die-cutting machine?   According to my research, there are numerous ways you can save some bucks and re-stick your mat.  I've asked around, did a little online research, and after talking to one local scrapbook store owner, I decided that the route I wanted to take was using Zig 2 way glue.  It seemed like the easiest alternative for me, so here's what you need to do:

1.  Scrub your mat really well with warm water and dish soap.  I used a scrubber designed for non-stick cookware.  You can find a 3-pk for .99 at Walmart.  It's going to take a little elbow grease to get all the nubby little pieces of glue off your mat, so dig in for about 5-7 minutes. 
The results will be well worth it. 
Allow your mat to thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next step.

2.  Using the Broad tipped Zig 2 way glue pen, completely cover your dry mat, running the glue stick up and down.  If you're using a new glue pen, you may need to prime your glue until you see the blue come all the way through to the tip by pressing down continuously on the tip.  This glue goes on blue, and dries clear.  You can find this glue in your local craft store for around $5.99.  Major chains have coupons that you can use via their phone apps or look in your Sunday paper for a discounted coupon.  It's well worth the investment no matter how much you pay, as this glue goes a long, long way and mats can be very costly to replace.

Can you see the blue glue?  I let this dry overnight but you can probably go with a couple hours.

My mat is nice and sticky now.  I worried that I was putting on too much glue. 
The true test will be in the cutting. 

And......yup.  A little too sticky.  I guess I was a little heavy-handed with the glue.  Plus, I used thin designer paper which was a mistake.  My advice?  Light on the glue and use some good cardstock to break in your new sticky mat.

Once I got all the sticky paper off the mat, and used some good cardstock for the next few cuts, it was all good.  In fact, I accessed the free images this week and cut several full sheets of the free pennants and banners.  

Click here to get the free images of the week and scroll down the page for instructions on accessing them in Cricut craftroom or Design Space.  You need to have your Cricut linked to your computer.

And, if you absolutely, do NOT want to go to the trouble of making your mats sticky and would rather buy new, feel free to follow the banner below to purchase new mats.  You can get free shipping right now, no minimum.  Expires 12/31/14.  Use code FREESHIPDEC

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