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Gift Guide - Top 10 Gifts For Crafters

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide Blog Hop.  Find great ideas for any gift, by checking out my fellow Gift Guide bloggers below.  There is something for everyone on your list!  Be sure and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a $100.00 Target gift card - perfect for purchasing some of the crafty gifts that are mentioned below.

Are you the lone crafter in your family?  Is your significant other or family totally at a loss when it comes to gifting you with crafty things to make you smile or, better, yet, jump up and down on the bed?  Don't feel bad.  I'm right there with you. 

Being a very crafty person myself, and being on a design team, I know good and well what the popular and most wanted items are.  However, I did do an informal poll to get some input from other crafters and have compiled this short list, with a few honorable mentions.  Scroll down and have a look.  If you are the craftee, bookmark and then share this with your family so they know what to get you!  If you're shopping for a crafter, bookmark this for future reference!

1.  Without a doubt, the most asked for item right now is the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut Explore.  These die cutting machines allow the crafter to link up their computer and download all kinds of free or paid file images for use in crafting.  That is just one of the features.  The average cost is around $230-$300.  You could probably get a great deal around the holidays though.  There are usually Black Friday deals involving both products, including bundled deals that would really make your crafter smile.  (Honorable mention - a couple more expensive machines are the Brother ScanNCut machine (which I would love to have!) and the KNK Zing Air.  These could set you back easily $400-$450.  But oh, the joy.) 

2.  A gift card.  You can not go wrong with a gift card.  If you can't be bothered with picking out a more personal crafty item, go to your local hobby store and buy a gift card.  Or better yet, find a local independent scrapbook store and give them some business.  The crafter in your life loves to shop independent stores for unique crafting items that can only be found at independent stores or online.  My advice?  Shop local.  The crafter in your life does enough shopping of her own online.

3.  Storage.  This is a big issue with every crafter I know.  We never have enough storage.  If you're a do-it-yourself kind of guy, build your crafter some shelves or a bookcase or two.   Is your crafter a DIY kind of person?  She might like to restore some old bookcases.  If this is the case, scout out some local thrift stores, and buy her a gift card to purchase paint and supplies.  For ready-made storage, one or two of the IKEA Raskog carts (pictured above in teal) or the Halifax cabinet would make some nice, right-at-my-fingertips, storage.  (Honorable mention - if you have lots of money to spend, how about a Craft Armoire?  The Original Scrapbox can set you back $1500, or you can sometimes find a deal for under $200 at the Tuesday Morning store).

4.  A sewing machine.  This is a top item not only for the sewer in your life but for paper crafters as well.  Stitching onto paper is super popular, believe it or not.   Check out the award winning Singer 7258 or the less expensive Brother LS 2125i for the novice.

5.  Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Grand any of these names ring a bell?  Probably not for you, but for your crafter, these hand crank die cutting machines are on the must-have list.  I personally own a Cuttlebug, made by Provo Craft, and love it.  What does it do?  You can use it to emboss paper for texture, cut images with coordinating dies....what can you not do is the question.   Listen to your crafter.  Sneak around and find out which of these machines would make her day.  They range in price from $49 to $89.  Again, many deals to be had on these machines during the holidays. (Honorable mention - Teresa Collins Cut N Boss or the Ebosser, pricier at $200, but these are electronic, not hand crank)

6.  Membership.  What does your crafter like to do?  Stamping?  Jewelry making?  Wood working?  Paper crafts?  There are numerous companies that offer memberships of all price ranges.  Buy him/her a 3 month membership or go for an open ended membership.  There are Stamp of the Month club memberships,  Kit collection memberships... there are even companies who offer video classes.  Does your crafter love to learn?  Sign up with  They offer video classes and workshops on everything and I do mean everything.  Some are free but there are also paid membership services.   Learning how to knit or paint or learn advanced techniques......the list is endless.  Snoop around and find out what supplies your crafter loves, then go online and find out if that company has any membership programs. 

7.  Punch boards.  This is on the hot list.  We R Memory Keepers, a division of American Crafts, has a whole host of punch boards.  These are used to make paper crafts such as boxes, gift bags, envelopes and more.  The envelope punch board is pictured above and is my current number one pick.  Your paper crafter can make her own envelopes.  I know what you're thinking; envelopes?  Who knew?  Yes, we crafters are in love with innovation and gadgets and if we can make our own envelopes to match the size of our crafty cards, then we are at one with the world.  These are very inexpensive, most are around $15.  Or, you could spend around $80 and get a set of 5 punch boards.  

8.  Bling.  Crafters love shiny, sparkly stuff.  Glitter and rhinestones are in almost every crafters' stash.  Doodlebug Designs makes awesome glitter (aka sugar coating).  You can buy these individually or by the set (12 pk).  Queen & Co makes cute rhinestones, buttons, washi tape, etc.  There are tons of bling companies out there.  Ask the hobby store sales person to pick some out for you.  Put some bling and other basics like adhesives and ribbon in a basket with a gift card and you are golden!

9.  Camera.  Does your crafter like to blog?  If so, she probably takes pictures of her crafts and posts them online.  She needs a really great camera.  If I had my choice, I would go with a really nice mid-level digital SLR camera such as the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.  This sells for around $600.  With this camera, your crafter will stop complaining about her pictures.  Trust me.

10.  Last on my must have list is a really nice desk or craft table.  Some of us have been working on a t.v. tray or fold up table that belongs in the garage.  Give your crafter a nice work space.  South Shore makes some really cool crafting desks, from the fold up table pictured above in black to the Crea Craft table which is my favorite.  These range in price from $175 for the fold up to around $245 for the desk with storage. 

I hope this list will help you in shopping for your crafter and make their next birthday, Christmas or "just because" gift more special.  

Check out the other Gift Guides on this hop for great gift ideas and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below.

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  1. I could just hand this guide to Santa, for real! Everything on here is awesome. I keep seeing that darling IKEA cart - I really want it! I should snag one before they disappear.

  2. Thanks so much Laura. What are you waiting for? Tell Santa what you want!

  3. Fantastic list, Terri! I agree with all of it! :D

  4. Great list...I'd prefer a gift card to shop myself for scrappy stuff since I am picky... Better yet I may just add a few extras in my own stocking! Merry Christmas

  5. great list... i see lots of things I want!

  6. Great list Terri!! I admit i have alot of these in my stash :)

  7. What a fabulous list and love the tips! I have a ScrapBox and LOVE it....the storage is incredible! Those little Ikea carts are adorable and have my eye on one. Thanks for sharing the fun list!

  8. What a delightful list of goodies!!! Thanks for the heads up on your fun blog giveaway!! rbkhandcoatgmaildotcom


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